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Route changes for all types of paddlers and equipment transportation fees

Below you will find some well-established starting and ending points for a kayaking trip. There are alternatives for sea kayaking lovers as well as child-friendly and safe alternatives on the Porvoonjoki River. Contact the rental company for more information on routes and other departure points. When renting, you can borrow the map or buy it for your own. The transport price includes the import and search of the equipment. Ask more!

The city center is a good starting point for Porvoonjoki and the sea area in front of Porvoo, for excursions to Sikosaari and Kråkö and excursions to Haikkoonselä.
The starting point can be found along Sikosaarentie, right after the first bridge, at the boat landing place.


It is about 10 km from Virtaala along the Porvoonjoki River through the old town to the center of Porvoo. The route is suitable for paddlers of all ages. In particular, an open or Indian canoe or a double kayak is a good choice for families with children, but for older children and young people it is also a unit kayak. In windy weather, a sheltered river is a good choice. The trip will be longer if you continue to Hamar or Haikko. The transport price includes the import of equipment to Virtaala and pick-up from the center of Porvoo. See the pick-up point on the map of the city center.

€ 20

From Sondby it is good to go to sea, e.g. the Pelling archipelago is nearby. There are several beaches in the area, one right next to the starting point. There is a camping site, changing rooms, a barbecue area and a toilet.

40 €

Downtown, Porvoo

Virtaala, Kerkkoo


Tirmon Castle Beach is a great starting point for excursions to the Pellling Archipelago.


From Edesviken, it is good to go on a sea voyage in many directions, east, west and south.

45 €

Tirmon Castle, Pellinki

Emäsalo tip

You can calculate the transportation cost by adding together the one-way trips from our rental company to the desired departure and termination point.

€ 1.30 / km

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